Welcome to the Procurement Department
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The procurement department is one of the departments in central Administration that deals with acquisition of goods Services and Works for the University it also deals with coordination of disposal of unserviceable, obsolete or surplus stores, assets and equipment In order to carry out the above function the department is guided by the public procurement and disposal Act, 2005 and the regulations,2006

The department is headed by the Procurement Manager; the department has two deputy procurement managers One at the tender secretariat and the other in charge of the student welfare Authority

The Department is both Centralized and Decentralized with procurement sections in all the six colleges, Central administration and the Student Welfare Authority.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide user departments ,suppliers and stakeholders with world class goods and servics that add value by meeting theeir needs and expectations at the lowest cost possible.

Our Vision

Procurement department wishes to evolve into a respected and trusted partner within the University Community capable of discharging its mandate professionally, participating in corporate policy formulation and decision-making process, and developing as a centre of excellence in public procurement nationally.